Who is Rashaad Sujee?

Rashaad Sujee started his career at a university legal aid clinic before moving on to a large international law firm where he practiced for a number of years as a corporate mergers and acquisitions lawyer. Disillusioned by big law culture and chasing the billable hour, in 2016 Rashaad founded  a 'New Law' legal consultancy providing practical corporate commercial legal solutions.

Rashaad Sujee Legal was born out of a  desire to make corporate and commercial legal services more accessible to SME’s and entrepreneurs. We offer big firm expertise, with a  personal and client centric  focus. We are flexible, efficient, solution-driven and actively pursue new technologies to enhance our service. We provide our clients with bespoke legal services with alternative fee structures to support and enhance their businesses. Not only are we accessible to SME's and entrepreneurs but we offer a compelling alternative to large corporate companies

So why us?

No one is suing you, and you’re not doing anything criminal. But, you’re entering into contracts, and have regulatory and statutory duties.

We help your business operate in a legal but still efficient manner. We advise you when dealing with investors, clients, shareholders and employees. We utilise modern technology and think creatively to provide legal solutions and practical advice that suits your business. We will guide you through your day to day legal issues as well as your next big deal and we’ll tailor our services to cater to the particular needs of your business at any stage, no matter your size or industry.

We have affiliations with a range of independent legal and tax consultants in all other areas of law and tax, ensuring that we are able to cater to all your legal needs and that you get the best advice and legal service at the best rates.


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